Positional Clinics - Open to ALL Club Athletes 

Throughout the summer and fall months proceeding and leading up to the club season, Coach Cory an extremely talented coach with HS, Club and International coaching experience will be leading positional specific trainings for athletes. These trainings are recommended for 12-18u athletes and are structured for those athletes who already have a solid fundamental skill set in their desired position.

Positional clinics are 1.5-hour sessions for $30 and each clinic is maxed at 10 athletes.

Clinics are broken out by age:

  • 12 & 13u
  • 14 & 15u
  • HS 15-18u 

Our position based clinics are broken out into:

  • Setter Academy 
    • Fundamentals of form training (hand, eye and footwork)
    • Focus on set location, hitter connections and advanced offensive concepts
    • Development in the leadership position to become a more effective and confident setter
  • Ball Control Bootcamp
    • Fundamentals of passing and defense
    • Strong focus put on technique, vision and footwork
    • Mental training to become an all around more confident back-row player
  • Attacking & Hitting Clinic
    • Fundamentals of attacking, footwork, arm swing and ball contact
    • Focused learning on how to be a more confident and effective attacker
    • Advanced emphasis on faster tempo hits, attack placement and court vision
  • The Setter/Hitter Connection
    • Focusing on the set type, location and fluidity of the game
    • Communicating between each other for better consistency
    • 100s of quality reps and lots of feedback
  • Skills & Scrimmage Clinic focused around & on improving volleyball IQ
    • Focused skill set on serving, passing, attacking
    • Scrimmage situations designed to improve court knowledge and IQ
    • Scrimmage based with constant feedback on decision making

Positional clinics are 1.5-hour sessions for $30 and each clinic is maxed at 10 athletes.

Upcoming Positional Clinics: TBA