Impact/Positional Clinics 

Looking to accelerate your indoor game and prepare for an upcoming tryout or next season? These high intensity clinics are geared toward the intermediate player who has a solid fundamental skill set and developing high volleyball IQ. Clinics are 90 minutes in length and capped at 18 athletes per clinic. Athletes will get a full workout to improve their overall game.

  • Setter Academy 
    • Fundamentals of form training (hand, eye and footwork)
    • Focus on set location, hitter connections and advanced offensive concepts
    • Development in the leadership position to become a more effective and confident setter
  • Ball Control Bootcamp
    • Fundamentals of passing and defense
    • Strong focus put on technique, vision and footwork
    • Mental training to become an all around more confident back-row player
  • Attacking & Hitting Clinic
    • Fundamentals of attacking, footwork, arm swing and ball contact
    • Focused learning on how to be a more confident and effective attacker
    • Increase your hitting window
  • The Setter/Hitter Connection ($30)
    • Focusing on the set type, location and fluidity of the game
    • Communicating between each other for better consistency
    • Quality reps and lots of feedback
  • Skills & Scrimmage Clinic focused around & on improving volleyball IQ
    • Focused skill set on serving, passing, attacking
    • Scrimmage situations designed to improve court knowledge and IQ
    • Scrimmage based with constant feedback on decision making
  • Serving and Serve/Receive
    • Focused on improving serve consistency and ball contact
    • Serve selection and zone serving
    • Simplifying and improving  S/R passing

Upcoming Clinics - TBD

Avalanche Athletics does not issue refunds or credits for clinics.