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Fall 2024 Programs Coming Soon

Registration Opening May 28

Prep Programs

  • 9-10u Prep

  • 11-12u Prep

  • 13-14u Prep

  • 15-18u Prep

2023-2024 Club Teams

12-1 White                                12-2 Blue

12-3 Black                                13-1 White

13-2 Blue                                  14-1 White

14-2 Blue                                  14-3 Black

15-1 White

Impact/Positional Clinics, Skills Clinics and Private Trainings

Developmental Prep Program

We kindly ask for your understanding that our focus is on athlete development rather than recreation. Our main goal is to see athletes continuously improve their skills, progress, and establish strong fundamentals for a successful and lasting playing career. Our program and coaches encourage healthy competition among our athletes, pushing and challenging each other. We firmly believe in the value of training, accountability, and hard work to elevate the performance of the whole team. While we'd love to accommodate everyone, we recognize that our Yeti and Blizzard programs are best suited for athletes who genuinely want to learn, improve, and advance their volleyball skills. Through this dedication, they'll not only benefit from the program but also contribute to the growth and development of their teammates.

Thank You, Avalanche Athletics