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The Avalanche Athletics Volleyball Club program exists to develop competitive youth athletes in a constructive and positive environment.  Our athletes are guided to grow as volleyball players, teammates, athletes and young adults through dedicated and passionate coaches and mentors.



This division consists of 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U and 16U teams.

WHITE teams are our most competitive teams. They are made up of girls with the strongest skill level and desire to train and push themselves to the highest level of play and competition.  These teams compete in the “open” or championship division within the AZ Region. Teams will compete in both USAV and AAU tournaments and compete in 1-2 National Qualifying tournaments.  Court time is earned based on work ethic, attitude and talent, not expected.  Teams play to win and place high in Tournaments.  Of all levels, this has the most demanding practice and tournament schedule.   A player’s commitment to volleyball practices and tournaments is their number one priority from November 2023 – June 30, 2024, committing to post season play.  Athletes playing at this level have a strong desire to play HS and college volleyball.

WHITE teams will see practices two to three times per week throughout the season. This division also commits to traveling outside the state of Arizona during the Club Season.



Avalanche Blue teams consists of our 12U, 13U and 14U teams.

While competitive, Blue Teams have limited tournament travel within the State of Arizona. These teams compete at the club level within the AZ Region. Teams will compete in both USAV and AAU tournaments, but will not compete in any National Qualifiers or tournaments outside of Arizona.

Blue level teams have practice two - three times a week.  Coaches are highly trained; Impact certified, experienced, and focused on developing their athletes by providing consistent coaching throughout the season.



***To be eligible for the 10u team, your athlete cannot turn 11 before July 1, 2024.

Our 10u teams are the future club players at Avalanche Athletics! These teams are designed to give athletes a taste of what club volleyball is like and hopefully fuel their hunger for the sport. This is great for those athletes who are already wanting to train more than what is offered within developmental or recreational programs. These teams will also play in the Avalanche Developmental Prep league (Yeti Division) in the winter and spring season. 

These teams will be capped at 8-10 athletes per team and play a shorter club season, which will include 4 USAV tournaments, playing 3 matches per tournament and 1 AAU tournament, playing 7-9 matches. Practices will be primarily Saturday and/or Sunday for 90-120 minutes. 

These teams will be coached by Impact and Avalanche trained coaches who have the desire to become full time club coaches in the future. They’ll have a very high IQ of the game and will be working on building their coaching resume. 



Club Director

Amanda Brown - Amanda@AvalancheAthletics.com

Teams & Coaches 

12 Black - Andrew Manuel | John Spear | Hailey Fagyas

11/12u Blue - Kristin Myers | Chris Stanfield

12u White - Chris Stanfield | Jason Willis | Courtney Jasper

13u Blue - Chris Stanfield | Eric Gavelda

13u White - Rebecca Eldridge | Andrew Manuel | John Spear

14 Black - Andrew Manuel | John Spear | Hailey Fagyas

14u Blue - Leslie Ahrendt | Bob Burger

14u White - Brittany Neal | Jaid Willis

15u White - Amanda Brown | Hailey Fagyas