Work to Play Program

Avalanche VBC – Work to Play | Pilot Program

Our Work to Play program is setup and designed to help those families who need financial assistance to help with their seasonal club dues. However, our Work to Play program is open to all Avalanche VBC families to earn credit towards your seasonal club dues. Families may earn up to $500 to help supplement your club fees. $500 is the (current) maximum amount any one family may earn; however, the maximum amount is not guaranteed. I have set a budget for the program and once all monies are used, the program will expire for the season. By setting a program budget, I hope to be able to offer assistance through the Work to Play program for anyone who requests/needs it. Any fees earned towards your club dues will be credited to your account. Both athletes and parents are eligible to earn credit toward the athlete’s club dues.

Work to Play Program Opportunities

  • Avalanche developmental referee– $11 per hour
    • Referees will be the R1 and are responsible for the following:
      • Setting up and taking down the nets
      • Controlling all aspects of play from starting matches on time to staying on schedule
      • Making the correct and appropriate calls during match play
      • Officiating all matches with an unbiased agenda
    • Great for 15-18u athletes
  • Avalanche developmental clinic coach– $11 per hour
    • Assists the clinic lead coach & staff with teaching athletes the basic fundamental skills of passing, setting, serving, and attacking
    • Great for 15-18u athletes and parents
  • Merchandise and Concessions stand sales– $12 per hour
    • Mostly Saturday mornings – 8:30-11:30am
    • Selling Avalanche gear and light snacks/drinks during developmental matches
    • Great for 12-14u athletes with a parent or 15-18u athletes and parents
    • Max staff 2 per shift
  • Gym floor cleaning (Sweeping & mopping)– $15 per hour
    • Mondays at ASC – 3:00-5:00pm
    • For the safety of our players and coaches
    • Parents or 16-18u athletes only
    • Max 3 staff per Monday

To discuss the work to play program, decide which opportunity is best for you or to schedule shifts, please email Chris at