The Blizzard 4 ON 4 - Indoor Volleyball Tournaments

Our competitive indoor 4 on 4 volleyball tournament is an "open" division designed for MS and HS athletes 12-18 years old who have a good understanding of the game. These are great off-season tournaments for club players and future club players! Girls will put together and enter their own teams with a parent representative, who will be the point of contact for their team. Teams may roster 4 or 5 girls within their age division (MS & HS).

Tournaments will be played throughout the summer at our Scottsdale facility; Thunderbirds BGCS, 20199 N. 78th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Matches are monitored by Avalanche staff.


League play rules will follow basic USAV indoor 6 on 6 rules with a few exceptions noted below:

  1. You do not have to rotate your players around the court, but you must rotate your servers.
  2. Once a player serves, that player must serve each rotation for the entire set. If playing with 5 athletes (meaning you have a sub) only 4 athletes may serve per set. You may switch servers and or service order between sets.
  3. Rosters are capped at 5 athletes per team.
  4. Pool play consists of 3-4 teams playing 1 set to 25 or 31 depending on time.
  5. Bracket play is played best 2 out of 3 sets to 25. A third set is played to 15 if needed. No point cap.

Athletes may play in multiple divisions within Avalanche Athletics.

Athletes from other clubs are welcome and encouraged to build teams and compete.


  • Summer 2020 | June - August
  • Fall 2020 | September - October

Tournament Details/Highlights

  • Awards for 1st & 2nd place
  • Max of 5 athletes per team
  • $25 per athlete per tournament
  • Select your own team - play with friends, teammates, etc.
  • Open to female and male athletes
  • Create your own team jerseys and team name
  • NEW LOCATION: Thunderbirds BGCS, 20199 N. 78th Place, Scottsdale AZ, 85255

Upcoming Tournament Dates 

  • Middle School Tournaments 
    • TBD
  • High School Tournaments 
    • TBD

Simple Registration

To register: simply email Chris at with your team name, your roster and which tournament you'd like to compete in. I'll confirm that you are entered and registered via email. Athletes can pay by cash or Venmo at tournament check-in.