Hey everyone,

Well, the unfortunate day has come for me to officially let the spring season go. I struggle deeply with doing this as I don't know what the near future now holds with my programs completely shut down. But, with the cancellation of the school year and the extended social distancing mandates, I have to give in to COVID-19.
I have attached a refund request form that I will need completed and emailed back to me in order to process all COVID-19 refunds. I have to have the completed form(s) back to process any refunds and I will start processing refunds as they come in. Even if you're not taking said refund, I will still need the attached form filled out and returned.
I absolutely LOVE what I do and I have every intention of running summer programs and being back for the fall 2020 season (registration opening in June).  However, with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and being a small business who rents space at multiple locations, I have to survive the summer first. Because of this uncertainty, I cannot transfer your spring registration to the summer program or fall season. I will have to issue refunds as needed. All forms are due in by Friday, April 10th for your refund to be accepted.
I'm extremely saddened by this outcome, but I also understand the necessity as I want all of our athletes, coaches, refs, and parents to stay HEALTHY and SAFE! Thank you for your continued support of Avalanche through all of this and I truly hope to see you all very soon.
Thank you, 
Chris Stanfield 
Avalanche Athletics 
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