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The Avalanche Athletics Club Volleyball program exists to develop the competitive youth athlete in a constructive and positive environment.

We're taking club volleyball back to its "grassroots" where positions and roster spots were coveted and the competition was fierce. Avalanche Athletics wants to inspire and promote healthy competition amongst our athletes so they continue to push each other and compete to the best of their abilities. 


Open House Period - The Arizona Region has established an Open House Period for players and their parents to visit different clubs in an attempt to decide which club to tryout and join for the 2018-19 season. The Open House Period is a 10 day period prior to the specific age group Tryouts. 
During the Open House Period a club may offer a maximum of 3 Open House sessions for each age group that is not more than 2 hours in length. The club MAY evaluate potential club members by running them through skills tests and physical tests, MAY talk to the players and their parents about their club and MAY let you know about what level you might fit into in their club. The club MAY NOT offer (verbal, written or implied) a player a position on any of their teams, MAY NOT collect any commitment fees or down payments to hold a spot on their team, MAY NOT ask a player for a commitment prior to tryouts, and MAY NOT require you to attend more than one Open House session at their club. 
The Open House Period is for the player to find out the club they want to join PRIOR to tryouts. Remember that just because a club says they want you to join their club does not mean it is the right place for you. Ask questions, talk to potential coaches, watch how they interact with your player. 
Pre-Tryout Requirement - All individuals must register or renew their Arizona Region membership online for the 2018 season PRIOR to the Open House evaluation sessions and Tryouts. You must provide the club with your 2018 membership card or PAID confirmation page that shows you have registered for the 2018 season in order to tryout with any club. Click here to go to Join the Region.
Age Eligibility - Not sure what age category you must play, enter your birthdate here and see what age category you must play. 


Club Facility 

ASC - Arizona Sports Complex 
425 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd 
Phoenix, AZ 85024